A PVC hall is a light structure, made of steel structures coated in a special material (PVC-coated PES fabric, such as Vinyplan 6770) that may be erected quickly and at reasonable cost.

If a PVC hall is used as a temporary structure that subsequently needs to be disassembled and installed at a different location, it will provide a great advantage over other halls. During such operations, the quality of the metal structures (hot dipped galvanized) and covering do not decline, in turn allowing a new very high-quality building to be constructed from the same materials. Any breakage of the covering occurring during utilisation may be repaired readily and to a high quality.

Covering is available in a wide range of colours, on which the name and logo of a company can be printed if ordered separately. Thermal insulation of a hall is also possible.

If normative documents in the country of location so permit, halls with smaller widths can be installed directly on existing asphalt-paved landings.

The oldest such PVC halls have been in use in Scandinavia for as many as 30 plus years. 


What we offer for our clients:

  • design (hall and foundations);
  • construction of a PVC hall with any auxiliary materials needed (bolts, nuts, washers, etc.);
  • inclusion in a delivery of auxiliary materials (fans, gates, doors, etc.);
  • where needed, logistics for the transport of materials to a location designated by the commissioning entity;
  • a supervisor to oversee installation.

The design, fabrication and installation of every PVC hall is a project-based exercise that depends on the wishes, needs and financial resources of the commissioning entity.

In addition to PVC halls, we also offer full solutions for regular (sandwich) halls.