The frame of a PVC hall is manufactured from high-quality steel sections. Steel structures are hot-dip galvanised. Comparing the cost of painted and hot-dip galvanised products, galvanising is the costlier of the two, yet is the higher-quality treatment method. Given that a frame is usually hot-dip galvanised, steel sections with a chemical composition permitting hot-dip galvanising are used. Since painted products are liable to develop paint damage during transport and installation, it is more expedient to use hot-dip galvanising for buildings of this type.

For covering on a PVC hall, the material Vinyplan 6770 is used – it is appropriate for weather conditions in the north and is available in a wide range of colours. Based on drawings provided by us, a factory will fabricate the covers to go on a hall, in three to five sections and rolled up. The PVC covering is sourced from manufacturers that are leaders in their field.

Doors and inlets:
For inlets, either sliding or vertical doors are used generally.